Millions of Americans throughout the country wash and dry their clothes at their local laundromats for various reasons. These self-service locations provide a practical alternative to owning washers and dryers. Many laundromats also have a community-like feel that many enjoy being a part of. But whether you’re a veteran of the self-service laundromat or you’re new and think this might be a more cost-effective and convenient way of doing your laundry, there are certain do’s and don’ts that you should be following. 

To start, let’s talk about some things you should be doing every time you go to a laundromat to wash your clothes:

Do: Use Proper Amounts of Detergent

You want to make sure to fill the washing machine with the appropriate amount of detergent. Otherwise, there’s a chance that excess detergent or residue could remain on your clothes or in the machine. Using more detergent doesn’t necessarily equate to cleaner clothes, so be sure to use only what’s appropriate. The same goes for using bleach and any other additives.WaveMAX washing machines are the best in the industry! With our high speed cycles, you can typically be in and out of our stores in less than 45 minutes, including dry time.

Do: Run a Quick Errand

This might sound opposite to your normal laundromat experience, but most of our WaveMAX locations have built-in notification systems that can email or text you when your laundry is nearly complete. Yet another way WaveMAX is changing your laundry experience!

Do: Keep Your Space Clean and Tidy

Common courtesy is a big part of laundromat etiquette; this includes making sure you’re keeping the area you’re using clean and tidy. Discard empty bottles of detergent appropriately, clean up any spills on time, and don’t be afraid to ask any staff member for help if you need it. Finally, don’t forget to put laundry carts away after you’re finished using them.

Don’t: Claim a Dryer Before You’re Ready

Again, with our high-speed wash cycles, laundry comes out of our washers almost dry. There is no need to save or call “dibs” on a dryer as you will likely only need 10-15 minutes of dry-time at a WaveMAX location.

Do: Be Kind and Respectful Of Others

We’ve already hit on the importance of being courteous, which extends to other customers. The best laundromats have a community feel to them, where customers get to know each other, and doing this chore becomes an enjoyable event every week. It all starts with just being kind and respectful of others. Our attendants are there to help with anything – engage them and see what we can do to improve your experience. 

Don’t: Leave Your Clothes

Like we mentioned earlier, don’t leave your clothes! Instead, bring a book, stream some Netflix on your tablet or phone, or bring your laptop to catch up on emails. You might even just grab a coffee and relax while you wait on your laundry or catch up with some of the other regulars.

Do: Create a Community

As odd as it may seem, it’s easy to make friends at the laundromat. After all, what better time to make new friends than when you’re all there waiting on your laundry? You might as well strike up a conversation and spend time getting to know someone new so you can both kill some time while waiting at the laundromat. What’s more, is this community feel can help make you look forward to coming back each week to do your laundry if you get to see your friends at the same time. 

Don’t: Forget to Sort Your Clothes

The first step of doing laundry is always sorting your clothes between lights, darks, and, if necessary, mixed colors. The same holds for when you do your laundry at the laundromat. Make sure you arrive with your laundry pre-sorted to save time doing it there. You never want to mix washing lights with darks, or else you risk color bleeding. 


Do: Save Time By Using Wash, Dry, Folder Laundry Services

Feeling overwhelmed by laundry with no time to get it cleaned, dried, and folded? Some premium laundromats offer convenient drop off laundry services that will help ease the burden of laundry piling up. WaveMAX’s across the country offer drop off laundry service, as well as pick up and delivery service so you don’t even have to leave the house! 

Whether you’ve been going to laundromats for years or are just starting, you will have an enjoyable experience every time you go if you follow our five do’s and don’ts. WaveMAX Laundry is a modern, clean laundromat you can rely on. We combine experience, the latest technology, and top-notch customer service for your laundry needs.

No need to ask Google, “Best laundromat near me.” Learn more about WaveMAX self-service laundromats and drop-off services today!